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Working from my home studio in Bangor, N.Ireland, I design, make and deliver all the jewellery you see on this website.

Many of my pieces take inspiration from celtic art and all the jewellery is made using certified recycled sterling silver, with the addition of semi precious stones. I use traditional metalsmithing techniques, self taught over many years of enjoyment, with the aim of creating unusual jewellery that's different from the high street and a pleasure to wear.

I'm very happy to chat if you're looking for something particular - perhaps using a specific stone of your choice, changing the size of a design etc. There's really nothing like having a truly unique item of jewellery that's personal to you!

It's also very important to me to use recycled silver. 

Mining metal is environmentally very costly but silver is infinitely recyclable and can be melted down and re-used continuously - basically just clean it and melt it!

The bulk of the world's silver (60%) is used in industry and technology because of it's conductive, reflective and anti bacterial qualities but it would often eventually be lost to landfill. However more and more of the silver used in industry is now being recouped and re-used, both due to environmental legislation but also due to the fact that it can be sold on. Currently about 20% of the worlds silver is now produced through recycling - mainly from industrial sources but also from jewellery and silverware - and that is predicted to rise in the coming years. 

A beautiful item of silver jewellery gives so much pleasure and is worn and enjoyed for years. It's something we all love and recycled silver has to be the natural choice.


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